Test your bicycle safety know-how with Rad Rider'sTM safety test!

1. Every time you go out bike riding, to be safe you should obey:
A. No traffic rules
B. All traffic rules
C. Some traffic rules

2. When gearing up for the road, always wear a ________ to protect your head.
A. Helmet covering your eyes.
B. Helmet that fits and is strapped on.
C. Helmet with the straps undone.

3. When you are riding in the street with any vehicle that can hurt you, like a car or a big-rig, always stay on the ________ side of the road.
A. Left
B. Right
C. Center

4. Check True or False:
When turning left you don't need to signal.

5. Check True or False:
After a helmet has been cracked or damaged in a fall, it can still be worn.

6. Check True or False:
It is OK to ride facing cars or other vehicle traffic.

7. Check the road hazards:
Potholes Dogs
Brakes Loose gravel
Helmets Handlebars
Streetlights Broken glass
Loose sand Railroads

8. Just like Rad Rider, always make sure that your bike is totally ready to ride with a:
A. Pennant flag
B. Rear-view mirror
C. White light for night
D. All of the above

9. What do you need to wear when you go out riding at night?
A. Your walkman
B. Clothes that reflect light
C. Dark colored clothing

10. Just like Rad Rider and his Protectron Helmet, your helmet:
A. Looks cool
B. Is a cushion between you and the pavement
C. Could keep your head from getting hurt in an accident
D. All of the above

11. Check True or False:
It is the law to wear your helmet.

12. Check True or False:
Just like car traffic, you need to stop when you come to a red light or stop sign:

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